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Specialist Courses - NOT FOR THE FEINT HEARTED!

Additionally, we can offer the following specialist courses aimed primarily at law enforcement and similar organisations. These are the standards to which all UK police service drivers are taught, including Special Service drivers, Military Intelligence and Special Forces drivers and Royalty Household drivers.

A complete range of vocational driving courses from basic 'Roadcraft' training through Intermediate level to Advanced police level courses including the theory associated with this training. These courses conform to UK Home Office guidelines and vary in duration from 2 weeks to 4 weeks on a 3:1 student to trainer ratio and can include 'blue light' training if necessary.

Close Protection training is only taught to the 'elite' few who are able to demonstrate through previous levels of driver training that their skill and ability is exceptional. The initial course is of 3 weeks duration and includes all elements of evasive and offensive driving, reactive skills, venue risk assessment, anti hi-jack driving, and convoy driving skills. It is recommended that a recognised local First Aid course runs alongside the training and elements of the use of firearms within a protected environment can also be added.

Surveillance and anti-surveillance skills both within a moving vehicle and on foot. An intermediate level of driving skills is required for this training which focuses on covert following skills. Also ideal if you courier sensative items or documents. This again is the training provided to UK police forces, military intelligence and special services drivers.

Pursuit skills and containment practices including the use of various devices to bring a vehicle pursuit to a safe and early resolution utilising the skills of vehicle negotiation.

The tracking and recovery of stolen vehicles is a training skill we can teach in association with other partners who provide the actual equipment needed to perform the skill.

'Special Category' Prisoner Escort driving skills are taught to police officers and prison service drivers who will escort the more dangerous criminals from their holding cells to a court of law daily for their trial hearings. These are the types of prisoner where an attempt may be made to assist them to escape justice. This training requires Advanced driving skills coupled to firearms skills to ensure the safety of all involved and the public in general. This training can be provided as a stand-alone course or can be 'tagged' on to a Close Protection driving courses as the skill ability required is similar.

All of these courses are designed to demonstrate the professionalism of police officers who drive as a part of their occupation and to set a standard which shows the general motoring public that correct driving skills have distinct advantages not only in safe driving but also in reducing stress levels and are designed to set the trained police driver up as a verified expert witness in any court or coroners proceedings.